I know I am not technically supposed to image servers, but my server are running linux, and zenworks does a great job of imaging ext2/ext2 from a filesystem level, to date, I have virtualized My Netware OES servers on ubuntu, and they are running great. I managed to wrap an image of a of a Dell Poweredge 1900, with my VMware novell machine snapshoted at the point I want, this makes roll-out a breeze. My question, has anyone managed to image anything with a perc 6i controller? My Dell poweredge 1900 with a Perc 5 controller, imaged just fine, and Zenworks could see the file system. On my Dell Poweredge 2900, with a perc 6i controller, zenworks seems to recognize its a perc 6i conntroller, but zenworks dosen't seem to recognize the partitions like on the 1900 with the 5i, it just see's one partition, with a lump sum of space. Does anyone have any suggestions, or success with the perc 6i conrtroller?

thanks in advance.