I currently have a test lab that is on it own VLAN, and having a little difficulty with Zenworks. We are running Zenwork 10 ZZM Configuration Manager with eDirectory oes. We have the the old tree up and testing the new before rolling over.

The errors are:
1. Not able to search to see the new tree when trying to find it with the client, but can see the old tree. I am not sure if we can see the tree because it was previously setup.

2. When using Zenworks 10 ZZM Configuration Manager we get an error "Unable to connect the IP address or hostname." We get this error when we try to connect using the hostname to do a remote startup and shutdown. We are able to connect through the IP address.

We are able to connect to the hostname and IP of the host that are on the same VLAN as the server.

Do I have to add something to the DHCP server to allow access?

I am using Cisco switches and have ip helper-address for DHCP, DNS1, DNS2 and PXE. Imaging is working just fine.