Hi all,

I've upgraded BM3.8sp5 to BM3.9 (on NW 65.sp6). Process finished with:
"Error while migrating proxy configuration and ACL rules. Please use
fillattr.ncf to migrate manually."
After rebooting BM3.9 starts with the proxy/ACLs-settings, as I've
configured long time before with nwadmin on BM3.8.

After running fillattr.ncf manually with the appropriate args, I saw on
logger screen, that ACL Rules migrated succesfully but in the end I've got
the message:

"BMAccess Main: Failed to migrate Proxy Configuration
Failed. Migration did not complete successfully"

In iManager I can see the migrated "Access Rules", but if I want to access
"Proxy Services" and choose the (correct and only one) BM-Server-Object, I
get the message:
"Either you have selected the wrong object or the migration is not done
properly (Please run the fillattr manually)"

My questions:
How can I migrate successfully? or
What to do, so that I can set up an fresh proxy configuration?

The problem: I cannot administer my BM!!! (it's not passible in nwadmin any

Any idea?
Thank's for any help!