We have an NSS cluster in test that I am trying to configure access via Samba.

I have it working as far as failover and access rights are concerned, but I seem to need to add the users as users of that samba share. I notice that the process of adding a user to a share results in their user object gaining a sambaSamAccount extension and some associated attributes, and the smb logs show that the LDAP authentication is searching for a sambaSamAccount.

I found no mention of this in the documentation for configuring samba for NSS shares, only that users need to be linux-enabled.

My question is, do users need to have the sambaSamAccount extension and if so how can I provision this for users automatically, or is there another way of configuring samba to authenticate from eDirectory.

My current configuration uses the following authentication entry:

passdb backend = NDS_ldapsam:ldaps://

I would really like to get samba working as our testing shows that our Mac clients are able to access NSS volumes using this. CIFS on linux doesn't seem to support their SMB calls (or our scanning devices) and AFP gives an error in YAST when trying to configure. We have have jobs logged for both of these issues but Novell has been unable to help and it's been 5 months now. (does anyone at Novell have knowledge on BOTH eDirectory and Linux, as soon as you mention OES they seem to transfer you to the linux team, and their response is "sorry I don't really know eDirectory").

We're getting very frustrated so any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks,
Noel Morrison