I have read many GW7 related threads regarding an issue with appending user signatures on emails using the proxy feature.

Novell have stated that this was fixed in GW7.0.3

I can report that for us, the bug is alive, well, and thriving!

I upgrade GroupWise from version 6.5.7 to 8 (HP2). I have had to paste the GW7 views in, and paste the GW8 views over the top, as we still have to accommodate some Windows 2000 clients. Those clients are running GW 7.0.3

The signature not being added bug's behaviour appears to be random, there is no particular pattern, although it seems to happen more with saved drafts than unsaved emails. I have thrown everything I can think of at this...

- Recreated user signatures.
No difference.

- Set the signature on accounts being proxied into to prompt.
It only appears to work when it wants to.

- Removed and re-assigned proxy rights to user accounts.
Has made no difference whatseover.

- Database/structural checks
May have fixed other issues, but not this one!

I am informed this happens to emails that are being sent to external addresses, no one has told me if this has presented on internal emails as yet.

I am in correspondence with Novell on this matter, however any advice or solutions that may have come up will be appreciated.