I tried to update my servers from the channels via SMT (I want the bind
security update), but it seems the SLES10-SP2-Updates/x86_64 channel is
currently broken (at least via SMT).
SMT reports:
----> .repodata/patch-slesp2-yast2-slp-server-5413.xml is up to date
SMT::Parser::RpmMd Invalid XML in
no element found at line 328, column 33, byte 15560 at
line 187
----> .repodata/primary.xml.gz is up to date
Skip source RPM: rpm/src/update-test-trival-99.99-1.src.rpm

When I look at the downloaded patches.xml it seems to stop in the middle.

Can anyone confirm this? All other channels (including
SLES10-SP2-Updates/i586) I subscribed to seem to work fine.