Hi All-

My GW8 system is running on Windows 2008 in a cluster. After disabling DEP and all anti-virus, my random POA crashes stopped and all has been well for the past 30 days, until today.

One of my POAs randomly crashed, and when the cluster software tried to fail it over it wouldn't load the POA. I checked the event log and found that it was stating "Invalid Paramater - <Drive Letter>\<Folder>\gwpoa.exe. I noticed this on all of the nodes it tried to fail over to -- it was as if Windows couldn't register the drive letter quickly enough for the application to load.

SO -- here is my question. I have each resource (POA, MTA, GWIA) set up to run the executables from the SAN. I couldn't find any obvious errors in the Event Logs or the GW logs, so I have a theory that for some reason gwpoa.exe couldn't be accessed and *Crash*.

I'm thinking of changing my setup such that the executables are loaded from the local C: drive of the cluster nodes, although in Netware we always had them loading from the SAN.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone with a similar setup on Windows care to chime in? Thanks in advance for any information you might have.

Cheers- JD