This is Socks 5 server. I have enabled all of them with and without
encryption. I am trying to authenticate to the socks gateway by using
fetch ftp progam for Mac. I have been successfull on a pc only when I
SSO, but that doesn't help with the Mac of course. The Mac Fetch
supports Socks 4 and Socks 5, I have been unsuccessfull with both.

Is there someplace that you have to specify the users to use the
gateway, if so why did the SSO work for the user that didn't work on
Mac or PC without SSO? Lastly, is there a certain syntax as to how
the socks username and password in the Socks enabled program?


> What authentication methods have you specified for SOCKS? (Is this

> SOCKS client or SOCKS gateway? SOCKS 4 or 5?)
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