I am running Zen 7 on a netware 6.5 sp7 box. Technically, everything is working fine.

Logically, however I am having an issue with my workstation objects.

When our helpdesk initially sets up the workstations, they log in as a special helpdesk account. Our workstation import policy specifies machinename +username+ macadddress. The workstation object is created fine, but has the username of the helpdesk. Also some of my workstation objects have the name that is present on the image, which is incorrect. The helpdesk eventually changes the machine name, but by that time the workstation object has been created. Bottom line, most of my workstation object dont reflect the actual username and/or machine name.

I have recently set the workstation import policy to create the workstation object after 4 logins. I also plan to recommend a different imaging method using sysprep that can give the machine a unique name upon the initial boot. However the damage is already done.

How can I go about fixing the workstation object names so that they reflect the acutal machine name and user name? Do i just delete all the workstation objects and let them reimport? Or is this breaking something else? Can someone recommend a best practice for handling this type of situation? Also, if you have any comments about the changes I made or plan to make, please feel free to offer suggestions.