Dear Novell-friends,

I'm using NW6.0-SBS (which includes ZEN 3.2)
with workstations with client 4.83.
This works fine.
Client is syncing the eDir-user to local Windows useraccount.
(even when the eDir-user doesnt exist locally,
a new local user account is created)

I confgured a new workstation with client 4.91 + SP5
Now there is no sync between eDir user and local Windows(XP)
and I have to create the useraccount manually in Windows.

did I forget some aspect when installing the client on the new workstation ?
did I forget some settings ?
Must I install a ZENfD-part again ?
Or should I downgrade to client 4.83 (perhaps because my ZEN version is too old)?

Any support is welcome ?