Hi, would really like some advice.

We use BM3.7.0 on a NW6 SP2 server. BM basically provides
and surfing control as there is a firewall between the server and the

internet which handles the security side of things.

I have been asked to look into an issue. We want our users to be able
access a webserver across the internet which will provide access to a

database using a Java client which automatically installs when you
the webserver. The Java client tries to access a site using port 8081,

i.e. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8081/hub/servlet/HubServlet but is unable to
from a workstation using Bordermanager for internet access.

One machine has direct unrestricted access to the net straight through
firewall and can connect fine.

To try to make this work I have:

* Enabled an IP/IP Gateway in Bordermanager setup using service port

* Created an Access Rule, Access Type: Port; Service: Any; Origin
Port: 8081 (no "to" entry); Destination "Any".

* Configured the firewall to allow the Bordermanager server to access
net using port 8081

....that's it. But it still doesn't work. Another techy guy involved
there is a bolt-on to the Netware client also required to feed
proxy apps such as the java client, but as far as I can see this is
redundant with the Netware client 4.83 SP1 that we are using. Is there

such a bolt-on to the client?

I need to know - am I going about all this is the right way? Do I need
configure anything to do with BRDCFG or FILTCFG (which are currently
to default - I believe these are related to the firewall functions of

BRDMGR and we don't use it for this)?

I know these are broad questions but frankly I'm desperate. I'm due a

Bordermgr course in July....


Steve Law