Server with PO: OES2SP1 with GW8HP2
Server with GMS: SLES10SP2 with GMS2.0.X or SLES10SP2 with GMS3.0.X

gw user "Chief" share Address book with gw user "vskripnik".

gw user "vskripnik" get this Address Book from "Mikhail Breiman"

After first log vskripnik in to the GMS-server - All OK.
After some connects between CelluralPhone and GMS-server - problem UP ! : User "vscripnik" (or user "cheif") from the GW_Windows client add new record in this Address Book. But in the GMS - can not see new Records..
In the GW8Hp2 client i see this properties this book:
This book contain 2126 records ( 2109 Contacts and 17 Organizations)

User "vskripnik" log in to the gms(over http or connect fron Cellural phone) and see:
In the this shared book only: 2087 contacts !!!!

In the Cellural phone: WindowsMobile6.0

Please, Help me.