we are using ZDM 6.5 SP2 which uses the rather outdated 2.6.5 kernel for imaging. I have added several new drivers to the initrd to support some newer NICs, but we are running more and more into unsupported hardware (NICs, SATA, etc.)

Modern kernels support these devices out of the box. Is it possible to compile a new kernel for the imaging environment to automatically support the newest devices?

I tried building a new kernel. A kernel with all relevant drivers included (so no modules necessary) seems to be far too big and crashes the loadlin.dnx module. Another try actually booted the kernel, but crashed with a kernel panic due to unmounteable root filesystem.

Are there some experiences what options need to be set in order for the imaging system to work, or is this project completely impossible due to proprietary Novell extensions to the 2.6.5 kernel?

Thanks in advance,