I have two domains, my main organizational domain (example.com) that uses

an OES2SP1 novell-named nameserver, and a subdomain that uses Active

Directory and has its own domain controllers. I want to set the AD side up

as a subdomain on my Novell DNS server. I would also like my Novell DNS

server to act as a secondary to the subdomain. On the iManager screen,

recreated below for your viewing pleasure, I think I have the Secondary

part correct (the AD DNS server), but what do I put in the Name Server

Information section? The Novell machine's info or the AD machine's info?

Select Zone Type:
@ Create New Zone

Specify eDirectory Context:
[example                 ]

Enter the Zone Domain Name:
[subdomain.example.com   ]

Select the Zone Type:
      Enter Name Server IP Address:
      [192][168][ 88][ 1]
      [                    ]   []IPv6

Select Assigned Authoritative Zone Server:
[--(None)--              ]
Name Server Information:
Enter Host Name:
[WhatGoesHere?           ]

Select Domain:
[WhatGoesHere?           ] [Add]
Thanks muchly!
Toney Cassel.