I had DLU working fine for two containers of our tree. Now some users in the satellite container aren't able to login seamlessly to the terminal server.
I looked at any possible password policy that group policy might be enforcing and turned this policy off.
I recreated the DLU policies (one for each container). I put the terminal server in under the included workstation list but didn't configure for excluded devices.
I had it working were the DLU would only take effect on this particular server by setting up a policy restriction based on the server IP, but I am trying this without that restriction for now.
Here's the kicker. this is a mixed environment. We still use ZDM 7 for our offices, but we are using 10.2 just for this terminal server setup for now. This was because 7 did not allow us to have separate DLU policies for a terminal server and Windows Xp. It did not work.
Thanks for any help.