Server: ZCM10.2 on SLES10SP2
Client: WindowsXP SP3 fully patched

I have a problem with the automatic registration
of workstations (no problems with discovery of the workstation
and deployment of the agent on this one).

Created a new folder "A" in /Devices/Workstations/A

There I defined 2 groups:
- /Devices/Workstations/A/StaticWSGroup
- /Devices/Workstations/A/DynamicWSGroup

If I want to add these 2 workstation groups under
"Configuration-Registration" to new
Registration Rules, I see only the group
- /Devices/Workstations/A/StaticWSGroup

/Devices/Workstations/A/DynamicWSGroup is nowhere visible
in the "Select Groups" dialog.

Please can you tell me the reason for this handling?

Thanks and regards