I have a problem, since a couple of days, our BorderManager server
to hang without any reason, just saying "Error: "A Scheduled Work To
Do took
over one minute to run." "

Yesterday i had to install the NW51SP6 on the server and now i found a
that i need to update the tcpip.nlm and the tcpcfg.nlm. The server was

hanging before the SP6 with this kind of error.

I did a check on the tcpip file:

Our TCPIP.NLM = 670 K 2003-02-27
Our TCPCFG.NLM = 343 K 2002-11-29

And from the path file :

Self-Extracting File Name: tcp553v.exe

Files Included Size Date Time
TCP553V.TXT (This file)
TCPCFG.NLM 317424 7-27-2000 12:33:56 pm
TCPIP.NLM 1101595 4-3-2002 6:03:18 pm
TCPIP.NLM 1101141 4-3-2002 6:01:14 pm
TCPIP.NLM 975761 4-3-2002 5:58:04 pm

My question is, will this really fix my problem ? I don't feel quite
about going back to a previous version of NLM after running SP6 for

Does anyone had this problem before with BorderManager ?
Error: "A Scheduled Work To Do took over one minute to run."

I need to fix this very fast, because the server freeze everyday
without any
way i can shut it down. No CTRL-ESC and CTRL-ALT-ESC , so the only
is to do a cold power down.

Thanks in advance !