my environment:

GroupWise 8.0.0 on OES2SP1/Linux
GroupWise Mobile Server 3.0.1 on SLES11
and a Nokia E51

i'm trying to sync a Nokia E51 smartphone via SyncML, but i get an "server adress invalid" error on the phone.
i used "http://servername/syncml.jsp" as SyncML-server-name, is this correct?

when I try to access that url with firefox, i'm beeing redirected to the login page.
BUT when i'm already logged in, i get an error:
"application error. a problem has occured. contact support, if the problem persists. our apologies for any inconveniences" (translated from german)

is this behaviour normal?
or do i have to turn SyncML explicitely on in the admin webinterface?

thank you for any suggestions...