I queried a user's mailbox for contacts. The user has some personal books, and some shared books that were shared ?
with him (i.e. he does not own the shared books.) The query returned contacts from a number of address books, including ?
multiple shared address books.?
I need to be able to tell which of the user's address books the contact is in. I have a list of the user's address books and ?
their ID's in memory.?
However, for contacts in the query result that are in shared address books, the "container ID" for the address book the ?
contact is in doesn't match the address book ID found in the sharee's account for that address book.?

For example, a contact that was returned in a query had this in contact.container[0]:?
?47B1CA5F.whatnot_domain.whatnot_postoffice.104.16 16376.1.131.1@53?
?...while the actual ID found in the address book record in the sharee's mailbox is:?
?47B07193.whatnot_domain.whatnot_postoffice.104.16 86963.1.2A89.1@53?

It turns out that the value in contact.container[0] is actually the address book ID for the book as it exists in the owner's ?
I can't use that ID to compare to my in-memory list, nor can I use it in a getItemRequest() call (if I do, ?
getItemResponse.status.code = d107).?
Is there anothContent-Type: multipart/related; boundary="____CWEEVZGRLSHRZPJATRGG____"

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