Socks stop working after a reboot of the server (NW5.1SP4 / BM3.6).
Server has been functioning ok with default socks settings. Turned
logging and recv the following error after disabling socks and then
re-enabling to initiate ipxip gateway load. All else appears to be
No apparent proxy problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

11:11:48am In NDSCleanUp() - Exiting!!!
11:11:48am Entering GWGetNewConnection()
11:11:48am Exiting GWGetNewConnection() - returning ESUCCESS
11:11:51am Exiting loginToNDSForAC() - retVal = 2
11:11:51am ERROR: Login to NDS FAILED!!!!
11:11:51am ERROR: Unable to login to NDS as the gateway object
11:11:51am In NDSCleanUp() - Exiting!!!
11:11:51am Failure to shut down adverstising SAP
11:11:51am Deregistering Socks5 control