Both 3.9.2. Servers are in the same tree and behind NAT, I have used 2 LinkSys ADSL Routers in DMZ mode.

I added Edir partitions to the OUs that contain the Master & Slave. I then
made sure Edir was synced then I carried our the VPN config via iManager for
both Master & Slave.

Once done, I shipped the Slave to the remote site and then tried to connect. Both servers are pointed at for the way

The usual IKE dialogue seems to initiate fine and all looks positive. However,the Slave refuses to complete its Configuration, no static route via the Master Tunnel IP has appeared in INETCFG routes and I've tried all the usual tricks....dropping the filters and stop & start VPN....rebooting both servers ........several times etc.

As both servers are in the same tree, do I need to get eDir talking (i.e. synced again) via IPX tunnel (or similar) to get the Slave to complete? This does seem really daft if this is the case...particularly now we're on 3.9.2.