I recently attended a webinar and was impressed with the Condrey products, I was told that there would not be a problem installing DocXchanger and NSM on the same Netware server but I do have a config question about HTTPSTK and ports.

I installed DocXchanger on a NW 6.5.8 server and set HTTPSTK to only open port 8009. I also have an external NAT so that external users can access DocXchanger from the outside on port 8009.

I want to have NSM use a port other than 8009 for engine and admin interface communication so that it is blocked from outside.

How do I go about changing the engine port?

Second if I do change my engine port does that mean that outside users would not be able to get at the NSM admin interfaces via https://myserver:8009 or does Novell HTTPSTK allow access to all virtual sites on all ports?