I cannot sync a new user in GMS 3 / GMS 2

The user is added successfully and authenticate agains groupwise server.

When I launch the sync, it doesn't get any information (contacts, emails, appointments...)

I can log in the webpage but I don't have any "email sources".

Here is what I can see in the logs :

*** Mobile_Gateway log***
I 11:02:19.728 18f9b75 MsgSys Synchronization started [username]
I 11:02:41.931 6691da FrmSvr Connection Info [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Connection type: Dialup [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Device name: Touch_Diamond [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Sync via: Sync (user initiated) [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Encryption: AES [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Bytes in/out: 3102/5228 (* actual over the air count may be higher) [puhl]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Duration: 00:34 [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Wireless Email [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr ----- Outbox ----- [username]
E 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Error occurred processing new records [puhl]
E 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Unexpected Server Error [username]
E 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr NullPointerException [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Inbox (no changes) [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Sent Items (no changes) [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Drafts (no changes) [username]
I 11:02:41.947 6691da FrmSvr Calendar (no changes) [username]

*** PIM user log ***

E 11:02:34.384 723704 Unexpected failure detected: NullPointerException [puhl]
D 11:02:34.384 723704 java.lang.NullPointerException [username]
at mailconfigurationservice.DomainSettings.put(Domain Settings.java:78)
at mailconfigurationservice.DomainSettings.put(Domain Settings.java:66)
at mailconfigurationservice.DomainSettings.get(Domain Settings.java:46)
at mailconfigurationservice.DomainSettings.getCode(Do mainSettings.java:38)
at imaptranslator.IMAPSMTPSender.checkGoogle(IMAPSMTP Sender.java:106)
at imaptranslator.IMAPSMTPSender.shouldSend(IMAPSMTPS ender.java:92)
at mail.MailManager.sendRecord(MailManager.java:240)
at mail.MailManager.sendFolderEx(MailManager.java:116 )
at mail.MailManager.sendFolder(MailManager.java:50)
at sync.SendAddedKeysResponder.checkMail(SendAddedKey sResponder.java:296)
at sync.SendAddedKeysResponder.getResponse(SendAddedK eysResponder.java:265)
at sync.SessionManager.getResponse(SessionManager.jav a:197)
at sync.SessionManager.getEncodedResponse(SessionMana ger.java:118)
at rsgdarkstarcoupler.DarkstarPortalProtocolServicePr ovider.messageIn(DarkstarPortalProtocolServiceProv ider.java:61)
at rsgdarkstarcoupler.DarkstarRequestThread.run(Darks tarRequestThread.java:27)
D 11:02:37.290 168be1b Full resync requested for 0x8b4c59312fb5264d9b32b989917f2c9a [username]

*** GW authenticator log ***
D 11:02:16:775 1addb59 User=username
D 11:02:16:806 1addb59 URI=https://x.x.x.x:yyyy/soap

*** under server activity ***
CCDS client: error getting settings from CCDS
CCDS client : CCDS request ... 'https://ccds.nokia.com/api/....'
DomainSettings: calling CCDS to get settings for domain 'intellisync.com'

I tried to reset / recreate account but nothing works...

any idea???