Hi all,
Got an issue with a couple of xen hosted servers, both running OES2 (non SP1) with updates current as of about 2 or 3 months ago, we've ruled out hardware, issues with the dom0 and tried all manner of other troubleshooting

Have started logging memory usage using a cheap nasty cron job and the free command, the last free command shows slpd using up to 40% of the memory, and all the swap memory consumed, the next iteration of free shows slpd back to normal usage 0% of memory after the box is forcibly reset using xm destroy (it's unresponsive)

has anyone run into this issue on oes2 linux without sp1 applied?

these VM's are the primary fileservers and slp DA's for the tree, so it's a real pain having to constantly restart them

from a client point of view there isn't any issue with slp in the tree, or is there a particular logfile we should eyeball?