Running GW800HP1 on NW65SP7, I'm seeing in my POA logs for one user:

06:23:45 72F Starting QuickFinder index compression
06:23:45 72F Scanning Post Office for Orphaned Files
06:23:48 72F Finished Post Office Scan for Orphaned Files
06:25:00 72F Updating QuickFinder index: userabc.db (93218)
06:25:42 72F The database facility reported error [F03E] on userabc.db
06:25:42 72F Error updating QuickFinder indexes: [F03E]
06:25:44 72F QuickFinder indexing thread finished

Each QF run the number in brackets increases (outstanding records I assume).

This is not the same problem if any of you remember that I had with GW7,
where each time you ran a structure check there would be a
QF_VERIFICATION_ERR in the GWCHECK log and then the next QF update reindexed
that entire users' store of emails, there's no such error in the structure
or other maintenance checks.

I'm going to run an index rebuild on the weekend, but was wondering if
anybody else has seen this particular problem since going to GW8?