I posted this problem this summer and had no solutions; many
and client revisions later it still plagues me, so I'm trying again, before I open a support incident.

Our environment is a large school system, with 34 servers, most in

their own tree, with seperate subnets/vlans. Every server is at
Netware 6SP3, edir 8.7.1, and BorderManager 3.7 SP2 (and/or various
field patches)

The problem is, the Servers will experience a total loss of IP
communication. They can't even ping localhost. The console is
otherwise fine, no memory or processor issues (every server has 2gb of

ram, and 4 processors) TCP/IP settings have been tweaked and
following Novell guidelines, etc. Once PROXY.NLM is unloaded, all IP

communication instantly come back to life.

Here is what triggers it: Certain clients, when accessing the SYS

volume of a server which is running proxy.nlm. When I say "certain clients" I really mean "certain clients" it is not specific to client

revision. Some 4.83sp2 clients will do it, others will not. Some 4.9

patchb clients will do it, others with the exact same version will
Re-installing the same client will prevent that client from causing

the crash.

So, as admin, with an affected client, I can authenticate to the
server, browse it's data volumes, etc. But the moment I access the
SYS volume: IP hangs. Can't ping localhost, every thing ceases.
proxy, and everything is fine again. End users are not so fortunate,
when they log in, the login script access sys:public\ on the sys
and hangs the machine as well as kills the server.

Needless to say, one bad client ruins an entire site. With no way
tell which clients are affected, I must discover a server-side fix.
This is highly reproducable- So much so, that I can take a laptop
a "cursed" client to another site (another school, business, home) and

bring a border manager proxy to its knees. If I only knew what was
making it do this, it would be a good exploit.

A few of our sites have seperate border manager servers which no
logs in to and are therefore un-affected. But the majority act
as both bordermanager, and file/print servers. For now, I have left proxy unloaded, which means no content filtering, or authentication
but at least keeps the servers up. I have tried countless variations
patches, fresh installs, and tcp/ip/memory/lan driver settings
and files, yet the problem remains. The only things left to try are
Beta bm37sp3 and NW6SP4, which I will try later today.

Any thoughts into this problem would be greatly appreciated!


Paul Wood, MCNE
Senior Network Engineer
Wayne-Westland Community Schools