Running GW800HP1 (client and back-end) on a NW65SP8 server.

I have a user who takes an earlier email and does a RESEND, updates some
info (it's a form for a daily report) and sends it. She is BC'd on the
message, and the message goes TO and CC to a mix of internal and external

Both her and our internal users are getting duplicate copies in their
mailbox, or they "appear" to be duplicate. If you delete one of them, both
disappear, if you check TRASH after there's only 1 copy, if you undelete
there's 2 appearing again in the mailbox. If you open one and try to switch
to the next email, depending if you're going up or down the list, in one
case it just closes the open email, or it goes 2 emails further in the list
(so skips over the double).

It's like there's only 1 email (which is what it should be), but it's
showing a "ghost" copy.

This only started earlier this week, around the same time that I helped her
setup a new mail view which included certain persons automatically in the CC
and BC of each message she sends, however we tried changing her default mail
view back to the standard one and it still happens, so this may be a

Does this ring a bell with anybody?

Note some of the internal recipients are still running GW703HP1 and they
still see double and have the same behaviour (but it's the GW800HP1 user
creating the message).