GroupWise 7.03 on NetWare 6.5 SP7

I am having an issue with Ldap where only certain users can login to GroupWise and GW Messenger via Ldap.
I have 3 OUs and some users from each OU can login fine others generate the following message on the agent console
"invalid credentials supplied to ldap" iManager and NoRM work fine on this server. SSL is enabled for client to server connections
for both GW and Gw Messenger.

A bit of history...
This server was a physical box that died and was rebuilt in ESX. The server was installed clean and data was restored.
PKIdiag does not show any errors. The server name and ip stayed the same.

I would think if Ldap was the issue then iManager and NoRM would not work but, on the other hand some users can login just fine while others cannot.
I have enabled debug logging but, nothing sticks out as an issue.

I am leaning towards deleting the SSL CertificateDNS, SSL CertificateIP, and SAS Service for the server and having PKIdiag recreate them.
Also, I was going to regenerate the *.b64 and *.key files for SSL.

Does anyone else have any ideas???