When connecting Windows XP workstations to the SBS 6.0 server through the
Novell Client 4.9SP1a for Windows XP, there are no services within 4.9
for IP Gateway included. As many of you know, by using BorderManager as
the Firewall/NAT/IP/IPX Gateway to access the Internet, all workstations
accessing the Internet need the IP Gateway service installed with the
client. The Novell Client CD-ROM shipped with the Novell SBS 6.0 media
has clients for Windows NT/2000 (outdated) but none are compatible for
Windows XP (it appears that Novell had not updated their Novell SBS 6.0
media since they started shipping it). In addition, the online
documentation included with the media is outdated (e.g. BorderManager 3.6
docs for BorderManager 3.7 being shipped) and do not mention anything
about configuring Windows XP clients for Novell IP Gateway services.

I have thoroughly looked within Novell's Support site the past few weeks

+ The original Novell Client 4.9 (prior to support packs) to see if that
version of the client has IP Gateway services included (file not found or
+ Previous Novell Clients for Windows XP to see if those versions support
IP Gateway services. (Support Pack versions only are listed, but no
original versions, and do not contain Novell IP Gateway services).
+ Any instructions or tips for configuring the Novell IP Gateway services
within the Novell Client 4.9 or earlier versions for Windows XP(documents
are non-existent).

All of the above leads the following question:

Can someone please direct me to the location to where the proper
Novell Client for Windows XP supporting Novell IP Gateway services?

Since Windows XP has been around for a few years now, one would think
Novell would have developed a client for it that possesses Novell IP
Gateway services by now to be used with BorderManager. Correct? If so,
where is it? In addition, one would think Novell would include the media
supporting the current software they are shipping, not outdated ones.
(Or at least, ensure their outsourced sales services are doing so.) In
addition, one would also think Novell would at least provide the
necessary tools/files necessary to at least to have the ability to
install their products out of the box - instead of forcing their
consumers to purchase unnecessary additional support services for
something they should have included within their media package or website
at the start.

Nevertheless, I appreciate any input where to find the appropriate Novell
Client for Windows XP supporting Novell IP Gateway services.