I am building a BorderManager 3.8 Firewall on Netware 6 Support pack 6 and
I am have been fighting a stubborn problem for days. After NBM3.8 was
installed I found that I could not route from my private to my public
interface with filters unloaded. I have remarked out lines in my
autoexec.ncf to stop bordermanager services from loading at boot to
troubleshoot. I finally found in TCPCON that IP Forwarded: says
DISABLED. I checked in INETCFG and under PROTOCOLS|TCP/IP|IP Packet
Fowarding is set to ENABLED("Router").

I have found no way to get routing to show enabled in TCPCON.
My TCP.NLM & TCPIP.NLM show version 6.18.09.

If this not the appropriate forum please guide me to the right one.

Thanks in advance!