Recently I migrated my primary netware 6.5sp7 server to VMWare. This server
is configured to use Timesync, has the timesync time source set to
"", and is configured as a SINGLE server. Other Netware
servers point to this one for obtaining time.

Just noticed that the time on this Netware server, and as a result all
workstations connecting to it, is an hour out. Rather than indicating
10:30am it's showing 11:30am.

Daylight Savings Time Offset is set to +1:00:00

Can I reset the time on this server by simply doing a TIMESYNC RESET = ON,
and if so, considering that time appears to be one hour out across the
system, should I do it when everyone is logged off. What's the risk to eDir
in reseting time by pushing it back an hour?

I look forward to your response.