We are currently testing ZCM 10.2 after having migrated some bundles from ZEN 6.5. We are running XP SP3 with Novell client 4.91. One bundle copies numerous Microsoft patches to the workstation, sets registry entries, and then reboots the workstation. The workstation will then login automatically as a local administrator and run a script to apply the patches. This worked fine under Zen 6.5 but under ZCM 10.2 the script asks to login to the realm. I need to turn off this login request but I can't find any registry setting that will accomplish this. Does anyone know what registry setting(s) can be altered so that the login to ZCM is disabled?
These are the Novell registry entries that are currently set prior to rebooting.
Remember WS Only
Default WS Only
NMAS Authentication
These are all set to 0x00000000