We have 2 Novell 6.5 SP7 servers. Over the weekend we had a major power outage. Now one of them, our main server is not doing its job. This is server is the server user authenticate to, is our DHCP server and is the Read/Wrtie replica for the DS. When users log in, if they get to log in, the get a ton of error messages about unable to authenicate. Of course they get none of the their mapped drives from the computer either. if their lease expired they can not get a DHCP address and therefore can not login. Anything we try it bulks at. During startup we get message the the local database can not be open and usually has the number -723. In DSREPAIR in really blows up. We can not do anything. Tried to use NWconfig to restore backups of the NDS and they are gone. When I am at the server console I can see the SYS volume and the VOL1 volume and all the files and folders. Obvioulsy any command from ConsoleOne or iManager or NWadmin will not work.

The other server is fine. It is the Master Replica and DSrepair works fine, unitl we try to sync or any other procedure that requires the two server to communicate.

Both servers can ping the other servers IP address successfully. We are not running IPX or any other protocols, just TCP/IP.

Any ideas?