We're currently trying to deploy an iPrint printer to a lab using a ZCM policy. The policy associates with the workstation, creates the printer and sets in as default. However, on the next login, the locally installed PDFCreator becomes the default printer. The Zenworks console shows up the following error:

Full Message: Failed to set preferences for printer \\ipp://stuprint.dcu.ie\c214-p-017uni Details are The printer name is invalid..

Message ID: POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.SetDefaultSettingsFai liure

On refreshing the device manually, the printer then becomes the default printer correctly. Has anyone come across this issue before? It's preventing us from deploying printers correctly to our labs, and thus holding up the rollout of ZCM across campus.

Further details:
ZCM version (server and client): ZCM SP2
iPrint Version: 5.20

iPrint Policy settings:
1 printer in list, set as default
Do not remove printers not specified by Zenworks policies
Do not install iPrint client
Policy associated with workstation container