I have bundles I want to run say every Sunday between 6pm and 11pm. For example, Chkdsk.

I have these bundles created as Launch actions, since I want the script to run every time the bundle is launched. The association is to workstations, with a launch schedule of something like 3rd Sunday of every month, random launch times between 6pm and 11pm. Both UTC and "Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule" are left un checked.

The problem I'm running into is these bundles will run more than one time between the scheduled times. I want them to run every 3rd Sunday, but not more than once on a given day.

How do I accomplish that?

Right now I have about 10 apps like that and the fix has been to create flag files when the process runs and have another bundle delete the flag file once a week or month. I can't rely upon the bundle requirement check for the flag file because apparently that is not checked every launch. When I set the bundle requirement to check for the flag file, it will re-run for some time before it re-checks the existence of the flag file. So I have to check it in the script that schedules the chkdsk for example.

Anyway, how do I set a bundle to run weekly/monthly at set days/times but only once per given day?