We have a ~250 workstation ZCM installation running 10.2 (10.1.3 before that) on a Windows 2003 server, and the environment is XP desktops in a Win2K3 Native AD domain.

Dozens of users have complained of frequent desktop icon movement issues, where their desktop icons get reorganized as if they had done an auto-arrange. This is not an issue for users who always had used auto-arrange but for those who had align to grid and customized desktop icon layouts they are getting extremely frustrated to have a ZCM trash their layouts.

From what I have witnessed the desktop icons tend to do this when a ZCM refresh occurs, especially upon initial boot, but it can also happen randomly throughout the day.

The issue got so bad that I created a file bundle that I pushed out to everyone which allows for the ability to save/restore desktop icon layouts.

Has anyone else ever experienced or had their users report a similar problem. If so any known solutions or TIDs that would steer me towards a fix?