I have a couple of questions about BM 3.6. I just started working with
this product and I am findgin a few weird problems with it.

1. Does RIP have to be turned on for the FW to work?
2. Why does it not do STATIC routes correctly?
3. Why do RIP route come before STATIC routes?

I have a few static routes E.G. next hop next hop

It seems BM or the Novell Server completely ignores the Subnet mask
altogther. I even seem this when on the first number 10 is the same and
the rest of the network is completely different..

It's almost like the server is saying (hey the first numbers are the same
so let's use the first entry and ignore the subnet mask)

Can anyone shed any light on this problem. It's a Novell 5.0 SP6a running
BM3.6 SP3