Hi, I am having a problem with one of my Border Manager v3.7 (FP3) Servers,

Currently our Border manager (v3.7) servers have multi DNS zones specified
in the SYS:\ETC\RESOLV.CFG, currently listed:

domain npws.nsw.gov.au
domain epa.nsw.gov.au
nameserver <172.16.x.x>
nameserver <172.16.x.x>
nameserver <172.16.x.x>

(The DNS servers are in the NPWS.NSW.GOV.AU domain and have zone forwarding
enabled to forward EPA.NSW.GOV.AU requests to the EPA DNS server)

The domain lookups in both domains have been working fine until about a
week ago. Now, the server only resolves EPA.NSW.GOV.AU but does not
resolve for NPWS.NSW.GOV.AU. Now entering a HOST from the NPWS domain gets
a: '502 BAD Gateway, DNS HOST name resolution failed <hostname>'. But
entering a HOST in the EPA.NSW.GOV.AU domain resolves fine.

The server has been up and running for about 41 days, I was wondering if
anyone else has seen this problem? I was going to just reboot the server
to see if the problem will go away. Any ideas?

Further more, opening the PING utility on the BM server and entering host
names from either domain could still be resolved by the server OK.