I have an "NFS Gateway" server which i manage.

The purpose is simple.

Novell users, access a volume via Windows workstations running the novell client.
This volume is stored locally on a SLES server, is formatted with ext3, and is also NFS shared so that a server (non sles) can NFS mount it, and read the data which is placed by the users.

So we have something like:

Users <-ncp-> NFS Gateway Server(sles, with oes) <-nfs-> Linux server

The linux server knows nothing of novell, it simply mounts nfs via /etc/fstab

The problem comes down to permissions.
The linux server expects certain ownership of the files which it's accessing. When a novell user comes in and places a file, permissions are somthing like: rw------- the owner is something like 913263:root. The 913263 is a novell uid.

Currently, i have a temporary fix which simply resets the ownership via a cron job that runs once a minute. I'd like a more permenant fix.

Is there any way to have OES override the permissions, and set them to a specific uid/gid when a file is placed in the volume? I've had limited success with filesystem ACL's and setgid on the linux side. This completely resolves the problem for files created on the nfs server via linux, but the novell placed files are still not right over nfs.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!