Netware 6.5sp6, ds, nldap 10555.40

Have had a server on this patch for over a year, 2 weeks ago I started getting cache mem alloc errors about every other day and forced to reboot.

In the last two days I found that nldap chews up memory exponentially, it takes it about 4 hours to claim a gig of ram and not give it back.

There was no change made to the server for at least 5 weeks prior the first alloc error. I did find one document on a memory leak for this version but have to ask why did this just start a couple of weeks ago? And also why aren't the other 27 servers all at the same patch level having this same problem?

I did a dstrace=debug and found some dsa (-601) errors but according to the documents I've found say its not unusual for that to happen.

Beyond a edir upgrade which reads like it might solve the problem but introduce a bunch more, any other suggestions?