Thanks for the help ahead of time,

We're running ZCM 10.2 on SLES10 and are starting to migrate a few boxes over (from Zen7) as a test. Up until about noon today everything was hunky dorey: workstations were registering, bundles were being made and distributing, everything was happy.

After sometime around noon, though, something odd happened: any bundle we created got stuck at "unavailable," even the simple installation of a 9KB file. If I watch the size of the zenworks tmp dir on the server, it can see that it's growing, but at about 2KB a second. Unfortunately, I do not have this stat from before the hang up, but I have to believe that it was faster than this! The machine is a VM, but on a host with plenty of power. We even upped the ram from 1GB to 4GB of RAM dedicated to the VM to test if this would fix it (though the utilization of the box is next to nothing according to top) - it did not fix it.

Last night I bundled up Firefox and distributed it to a box in about 5 mins; no, nothing is making it past "unavailable." Any help is appreciated!