I'm looking to upgrade? a client from Novell SBS 6.5. Currently I'm trying to install NOWS 2 SBS. Please note I'm a linux Noob.

This install is on a Citrix Xenserver, so it's a virtual server. The install source is a FTP server. Start it up, no prob, but it says it can't find auto install and wants to run in manual mode. That's OK, seems to install fine. It gets to the end of the basic SLES 10 sp1 install, seems fine. Reboots. Can login, but no graphical console (Startx). The install docs say now continue with the web interface, with the address given at the end of the basic install. Unfortunately there wasn't one! I've tried http://serverip:8181 and same for Https. No response.

What now??

Really appreciate any pointers!