The only place I found so far to assign routes to specific interfaces is
in tcpcon, which does not 'stick' after reboot. Is there a better
place/file/submenu to set these things at?

This is why I ask:

I have a dual homed setup (internal and internet/external). I have a
router on the same segment/subnet as the internet interface, and that's
my default route.
gw: on the external interface <--that's also my default

Inside I just have a private network, but i also have a lot of other
vlans in there, so to get to all of them, all i need to do is to point
at the .1 on its subnet.
internal ip:
static route: for go to on the internal

So normally (I have a bunch of other computers, linux/bsd/windows set up
the same way and they work fine) all I need to say something like:
route add -net netmask gw eth1

The real problem is that I start pinging around, end everything works
except one thing: I cannot ping things on other internal vlans, it
behaves like it completely ignores the 172.17/16 -> route.
I used IPTRACE and I found out that when i try to get to anything on the
other internal vlans, the packets try to originate from the external
interface (follow the default route), completely ignoring my settings of
assgning routes to interfaces. I changed the interface number on the
route in question, just to see if that changes anything, and it doesn't.
Why is Novell ignoring such important settings, and how do I make them
permanent? Is there a commandline route command? Maybe this way I'd be
able to do it all and not be ignored.

Hope that's enough information, if you need anything else, ask me.
Marcin Pohl