We are currently in the process of migrating from NetWare 6.5 over to OES2SP1 and a consultant has prepared a report for us.

I am concerned that we have not been given a balanced reason as to why we should use NSS on every GroupWise server. NSS does introduce its own complexities. For example, it makes any service running off an NSS volume dependent on eDirectory loading. Also it means that we must provision a second LUN for the NSS volumes. I am not really against using NSS, just looking to use the right tool for the right job. However I do get the impression from the consultant that they are more biased towards using NSS where ever possible.

The main justification that has been given to us is that it makes it easier for GroupWise administrators to use NSS rather then a POSIX volume, but in the same report we are also being told to run ConsoleOne from the GroupWise domain server that we are managing.

I would also be interested in collecting some stats in this poll, as there is a lot of conflicting information and opinion out there. (Some of it is very old.)

This question however is specific to an OES2SP1 server not in a cluster.

To me it makes no real difference when using a cluster, as you require the eDirectory component and will have more then one LUN in those situations, so any downside to using NSS is negated.

Thanks for your responses,