Has anyone a hint for an issue with adding/deleting a sharee of a private address book. GroupWise system is 8.00 HP2, Client 8.00 HP2 or 7.0.3 same issue.
When editing the share list of a private address book you can at first add a new entry, but when you finish the adding procedure by clicking OK for the share message send to the new address, the address book crashes and there is an application error in the windows xp event viewer referring to addrbook.exe and msvcr80.dll.
There are users in the share list who no longer exist in the GroupWise System, but they can also not deleted because of crashing address book and same message as above. Following TID10013971 deleting the not existing users at once does not help.
Gwcheck was also run with option DelDupFolders but does not help.

Thank you for any advice solving this problem.