I have an issue within a test migration environment (ZCM10.2) where i have migrated some 500+ applications from ZFD4.01 to ZCM 10.2. Migration utility indicates that the bundles have been created successfully but when I start assigning these bundles to a test user he is unable to see all assigned bundles.

The test user is able to see 53 of the assigned 120 bundles which are directly assigned. I am also seeing a large number of messages being created following assignment to the user during the adaptive agent refresh.

Device Alias: roy-xxxxx
Device IP Address: 172.xxx.xxx.xxx
Error: [10/08/09 15:27:15] BundleManager BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle Could not add bundle c06b14325d4e41debbf5d8e8f8eb9d6d to session

I have forwarded the error logs to Novell but have had no response as yet. Need to reslove this quickly so any help would be appreciated.


John M Thomas