For legal reasons, we are required to save off a large bulk of our GroupWise
emails, for offline viewing.
This "copy of mail" would ideally be searchable, indexed and easily accessed
on a DVD for example.

Because this is a rush job, it's urgency may mean buying an archiving
solution. Apologies for the post on this forum, but who better to ask than
the GroupWise community?

A few questions...

1. Is there anything that can extract GroupWise emails in bulk, that is
2. Hopefully because we have project shared folders, I should be able to
extract just the Project folder which sits in one GW resource account. Is
there a solution that can take a mailbox (or a folder within it) and archive
it off to disk with search facilities?
3. Can anyone recommend from personal experience a solution that can be in
and working the same day?

I really appreciate any help with this, the directors are pushing me for a
way out of this mess, and right now, Im up for any suggestions!

Many Thanks