I am on ZCM 10.2. I created Adobe reader install bundle using the MSI option ( check for non existence of the adobe reader key before install). A second action is to have install another bundle that install the readerupdate.msp file.

When I assigned the bundle to a device, I can see it said installing 1 of 3, then error out. Later on, I will see the Adobe reader icon on my desktop, then ZCM bundle will say failed requirement (because the Adobe reader key exists). It will not continue to apply the MSP patch too:(

How can I troubleshoot the above. I am not sure what to look for in the zmd-messages.log.

Also, I was told that I have to set the "distribution" and "launch" action when i install a bundle. My understanding of the distribution is for content delivery i.e. process of transferring bundle and policy content from content server to managed device. The launch action is to do the actual install of the program. However, for the above bundle, I set a launch schedule and picked a time is that 15 minutes after I refresh the device. However, in the Progress window, I saw "installing..." message immediately after the refresh.

I am confused.