We have a SBS SUite 6.5 with Bordermanger 3.8
We need now Access to the "Classic Gate Software" from the German ISP t-
online with their Software over the Bordermanager.
We need this for Banking Software with HBCI Support.
In the t-online Software we can make this throuh an Socks Clienet Version
n 4 or 5.
I activated the Socks IPIPX gateway with different configurations but
nothing works.
I get the Answer: CEPT Failure (R62 Function: 3104, Winsock
Failure:10054, Response: 0x453)

Is there a known Working SOlution or a turnaround ?
What can we do?
(With an other Firewall (KEN! from AVM.de) the Socks Connection works!)

Volker Busch