I have no experience with Netware and SAN so far.

Bladecenter H
HS21-XM, no local disks.
Emulex 1105 FC-HBA [1]

Windows and ESX servers' installations all went smoothly :(

When using the NW6.5.6 overlay DVD (need edir 8.7) and a (virtual) Floppy with the
lpfc.ham/ddi, I fail to select the HBA when at the storage driver selection page:

The lpfc.ham, that is sitting in <cdrom>:drivers\ isn't listed for selection.

When <INS>-ing from floppy, the HAM there is also *NOT* listed for selection.

When going to the console, I *CAN* load a:lpfc.ham [2] successfully:

Interrupt assignment: 56 (Device driver is HIN aware.)
Emulex LP1105-BCv FV2.70A5 DV2.21d NW6iG

The driver is from the Netware < x > Blade - Center link at
http://www.emulex.com/downloads/ibm/drivers.html pointing to

but no disk devices is listed afterwards upon a "list devices". Tried scsihd.cdm,
sanscsi.cdm and loading the LPFC.HAM with
set auto load of cdm modules = on

For the precopy the assigned mapping (IBM Storage Manager 10) (35Gig) *IS*
accessible for that particular blade: The DOS partition is created and the files are
copied to the DOS partition and are accessible for the NW-Setup...

Why is the disk accessible for the DOS part, but not visible through the LPFC.HAM?
The correct WWPN is eintered as BOOT device in the HBA's bios settings, the HAM is
just loaded once. (no multiple paths)

So far I just worked with local SCSI disks or several HW RAID adapters, and I never
ever faced trouble to load the required HAMs and to access the disks / hostdrives.

Propably I miss something very basic, that's required when working with FC-SAN + NW?

Any suggestions appreciated,

thx, Rudi.

Product Name Emulex 4Gb Fibre Channel Expansion Card, CFFx
Description Fibre Channel EC
Part Number 43W6860
FRU Number 43W6862
FRU Serial No. YK10HY8197C9
Hardware Revision 2
Manuf. Date 1808
UUID 7FA0 F861 9EF2 DB11 B487 0000 C966 1DE4
Manufacturer EMLX ()
Manuf. ID 20301
Product ID 133

Loaded from [A:\\] on 12 Aug 2009, 19.44.27
(Address Space = OS)
NWPA Emulex Light Pulse HAM driver
Version 2.21.04 10 August 2006
Copyright 2004-2006 Emulex Corp. All rights reserved.